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“The Alternate Reality Thriller You Need to Play!”

Alternate Reality Experiences (ARX) are often heavily personalized via character interactions but rely on the content to move the experience forward, while Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) progress with the player’s involvement but offer less personalized experiences. These two genres have seen little overlap—until now. Daemon 9 expertly blends the personalized elements of an ARX with the game mechanics of an ARG in a frightening new horror experience.



One of the greatest experiences that I have come across. I AM STILL TRYING TO WRAP MY HEAD AROUND WHAT JUST HAPPENED! Seeing this interactive experience unfold, centralizing a theme about the high risks that electronics and social media can be along with elements of pseudoscience and mythology is “fan-effing-tastic.” When the experience came to an end, I SO BADLY CRAVED MORE. I found myself establishing strong connections toward each character and truly immersing myself in the role that you are meant to play. One of the biggest pros of this game is its attention to detail. There is honestly SO MUCH information to investigate (either in relation to a challenge/puzzle and/or for general content purposes, thus establishing credibility)! I highly recommend any haunt/gaming/horror enthusiast to attempt this unique experience for yourself!

—Scott M., Glendora, CA

“Blew me away! The best game I have played in awhile.”

I must admit, this game really blew me away. The whole aspect of it really grabs you. I didn't think it would be as thoughtfully laid out. Really a fresh, outstanding game. The immerison is right where it needs to be to keep one hooked until the very end. I really want to thank you for the best game I have played in awhile, and I hope you continue to push out these types of games. You have surely made a fan.

—Jason L., Groves, TX

“The future of video games—and also movies”

It's very rare that I recommend things on the internet, due mostly to how cynical I am about literally everything. However, this week I experienced the future of video games—and also movies: Daemon 9. It's basically an online escape-room-esque game that's also a... horror movie? Despite hating everything about being scared by my computer, I turned out to like it very much! I waited a few days after I finished to recommend it to make sure it didn't send spam emails or texts, and it hasn’t! What a huge step forward this is!

—John L., Tustin, CA

“Truly impressive!”

This "game" creates the most immersive real-world experience I've ever seen including timely phone calls, emails, texts and a massive collection of custom code all over the internet as well as a professional video library! Truly impressive!

—Dan W., Hawthorne, CA

“Thrilling and suspenseful!”

Very thrilling and suspenseful! The horror scenes were on point... and the email and text messaging aspect immersed me into the scenes as well. If I had to pick my favorite part of Daemon 9, it'd have to be the surrealism. I felt enveloped by the game, almost as though I were in it. This fact kept me guessing and feeling uneasy; a good feeling for a horror game.

—Noel V., Riverside, CA

“A great game! I loved it! Pure fun!”

Kudos for a great game! I loved it! Definitely loved the immersive quality and I jumped every time my phone buzzed, excited for each new text or e-mail. I loved the storyline and the mythos that was built into it. I hope there is a way to continue the story or if you are working on a new story to add to it that would be great. Count me in! This was a weekend of pure fun with this game!

—Amanda F., Cape Coral, FL

“Immerses you in the experience”

Really fun experience! I enjoyed the mix of sleuthing, emails, phone calls and text messages. Really immerses you in the experience. There should be a sequel or another game with the same mechanics.

—Anthony C., Johnston, RI

“A fear-tastic time!”

I had a fear-fastic time! For days, I've been freaked out by what I've seen on my browser and the creepy calls that were sent to my phone!

—Ana W., San Bernardino, CA

“High-quality interactive storytelling”

Well thought-out, immersive experience. Excellent cast! High-quality interactive storytelling.

—Jerry L., Los Angeles, CA

“Super cool!”

I liked how it interacted with me. That was pretty damn cool. I thought it was super cool getting emails, texts, and calls from the game. I really like the immersive aspect of it. Definitely something I'd like to share with my friends.

—Ana W., San Bernardino, CA

“Hella unique experience!”

Tremendous game. Or movie. Or whatever. It's not easy to get through, difficulty-wise. Really requires patience and thinking, but the payoff is totally worth it. Hella unique experience! And so well done. Can't believe the amount of content for the $$.

—Drea J., Chicago, IL

“Very different from other games”

The acting was believable and the story was full. Overall it was entertaining and very different from other games I've played.

—Anthony W., Brooklyn, NY

“Intense! Give us more!”

Intense! Great game overall. Awesome actors. Give us more chapters or sequels!!!!

—Andres M., Reynosa, TX

“An incredible piece of work”

Awesome job. This is truly an incredible piece of work.

—Jon S., New York, NY

“The story was great”

The story was great. I loved the way the pieces all came together at the end.

—Michael P., Pasadena, CA

“Highly creative”

Very professional and highly creative. Great job!

—Alex A., Glendale, CA

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